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Best Online Sportsbook for Filipino Players

For Filipino people, sportsbook betting has evolved into an active, legally sanctioned type of gambling activity. The Philippines’ large market, along with technological technology, allows for a variety of legal sports betting options. Here, we’ll show you how to enjoy licensed online sports betting and the various online; mobile, and live applications available to today’s sports fans.

We’ll also go over how online sports betting sites in the Philippines offer bonuses, and outline some of the most frequently used wagering choices. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and the gaming community has evolved along with it. These types of betting sites are more popular than ever, and we aim to provide you with the best possible information about how the games work.

Licensed Sports Betting Sites in the Philippines

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Is Sports Betting Legal In The Philippines? ​

Yes. You can bet on sports without breaking any gambling regulations in the Philippines. Domestically based Philippine online betting services can only offer services to outside players under existing legislation; leaving residents with little options for gambling in the Philippines.

Offshore sportsbooks that are licensed by the Philippine government not only allow Filipino bettors, but they are also recognized legal by the Philippine government. A court ruling from 2012 declared it legal for Filipino players to place wagers online using legally sanctioned methods. Residents can now use offshore sportsbooks that have been approved and regulated by a reputable authority.

Is there any Legal Sports Betting Sites in Philippines?

Yes. Physical betting choices are limited in the Philippines, despite the presence of brick-and-mortar online sports betting enterprises. Cockfighting and horse racing are the most common types of brick-and-mortar betting alternatives, although people can also use a service called OKBET to place bets. OKBET is a sports betting site with many locations across the country where players can walk in and place bets.

PAGCOR is in charge of regulating sports betting in the Philippines and collaborates with OKBET. A mobile betting service is also accessible. Customers can also use the sports betting facility at the Red Hotel in Manila. The sportsbook at Resorts World Manila used to be open, but it is currently closed and will open later in 2022.

To learn more about the gambling choices available in Manila City and Metro Manila, go here.

Popular Sports To Bet On In Philippines


Aside from Sabong, basketball is the most popular team sport in the Philippines, and it is considered the country’s national sport. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the most popular professional basketball league in the country, with three popular conferences (the Philippine Cup, Commissioner’s Cup, and Governors’ Cup).

Outside of the Philippine Basketball Association, or PBA, the NBA is the most popular basketball league for Filipino fans and bettors (and legal PBA betting). At all of the main online Philippine sportsbooks, PBA and NBA odds, as well as props, live betting lines, and futures, are available for every game of the season.


Football is a worldwide phenomenon, and betting on domestic and international competitions is now legal in the Philippines. It’s the newest sport to enter the Philippine market, and people seem to like it. Local and online football betting alternatives are available to residents. You may bet on the World Cup, La Liga, Serie A, and other international football leagues.

Other Sports

Our recommended sportsbooks have hundreds of betting lines to choose from. These lines are refreshed on a regular basis to reflect current athletic events. Betting is a straightforward procedure that necessitates the use of the Bet Slip; an in-house tool that allows participants to keep track of their bets. When you click on a betting line, the bet slip will appear in a separate tab.

The betting line and odds, as well as where to enter their wagering amount in pesos, are all available to players. The majority of bet slips will tell you how much you can win if your wager is successful. Once a wager is submitted, it becomes final. Unique betting lines are developed when big athletic events occur.

You can go here to check the more detailed information about the popular sports to bet here in Philippines.

Ranking Sports Bookmakers in the Philippines

When it comes to determining the top online popular sports betting sites for Filipino bettors, it’s critical to use a set of criteria that takes into account all of the factors that matter to gamblers. So, before we go into “What is online sports betting?” let’s first define it. “We’ll go over some of the most significant factors to consider when choosing an online sports betting site.”

REPUTATION – Unfortunately, not all online sports betting companies are reputable; so one of the most important aspects of any of our reviews is the reliability of an online sportsbook. You can always be certain that any site listed on this page is safe and secure. But when it comes to choosing a specific sports betting site, going with a well-established sportsbook that has been trusted by bettors all over the world for many years is always a good choice! OKBET certainly matches that description.

ODDS – In our opinion, how well an online sportsbook’s odds compare to those of other sites is not necessarily a major factor for bettors; because no sportsbook can claim to offer the better odds on every sport. When we reviewed the sites mentioned in this article; we discovered that PNXBET offers competitive betting odds on a wide range of sports.

Other Factors in Ranking the Best Online Sportsbook

FEATURES – Extra elements that a sportsbook may give bettors to make the bookmaker a more fun and engaging experience are often what distinguishes a sportsbook from its competitors. We’ve seen that features like Bet Builders and Live Streaming are quite popular; but we’ve seen that only on the more established sites. Sports betting sites such as MegaSportsWorld (MSW) consistently provide these services.

BETTING MARKETS – Basketball, tennis, and volleyball are all popular in the Philippines; and with former world champion Manny Pacquiao as the most renowned Filipino in the world, it’s no surprise that boxing is as well. So, in addition to the typical major hitter of football, any sports betting service wishing to attract Filipino bettors will need to include those markets. Considering this, OKBET and MSW come highly recommended for their large betting markets.

USABILITY – Any player must be able to navigate a website swiftly and effectively; as well as locate the sports and markets on which they wish to bet. And, although Jade Sportsbet is a new sports betting site, we believe it has learned a lot about site navigation and usability.

PROMOTIONS – The leading online sports betting sites offer new client promotions to entice players to play with them, but many bettors are equally interested in ongoing promotions like free bets, odds boosts, and reward programs. There are few sites that can rival OKBET when it comes to the variety of fresh and innovative customer promotions.

How to Choose the Best Betting Sites in the Philippines

Even when considering the most important characteristics of the best sports betting sites in the Philippines, narrowing down a shortlist of options might be challenging. You may ask yourself a few additional questions to quickly identify which sportsbook is the best fit for you.

Is the betting site open to Filipino bettors?

If you’ve been able to access a site, it’s likely that you’ll be able to join up from the Philippines, but it’s always worth double-checking before diving into the sportsbook. OKBET is a new sports betting platform for Filipino bettors. With this platform, betting is both pleasurable and simple.

Does the sportsbook offer Philippine Pesos as an account currency?

Although not all of the sites available to Filipino bettors offer Philippine pesos as an account currency; you can quickly convert your funds into US dollars, Euros, or even pounds using e-wallets like Skrill and GCash and then deposit. The disadvantage is that e-wallets can be rather costly because they charge fees to deposit and exchange currencies; and your bank may also charge you. PNXBET and OKBET both accept the Philippines Peso as an account currency, allowing you to easily deposit and withdraw.

Does the betting site feature local and national sporting events?

Placing bets on FIFA or La Liga or any of the popular sports betting sites available to Filipino bettors is a sure thing. On the other hand, basketball is one of the most popular sports among Filipinos who love to bet. And while there are several markets for NBA online betting in the Philippines; whether or not a bookmaker offers PBA online betting will be a major consideration for Filipino players.

What are some of the local betting markets available for Filipino bettors?

Aside from the lottery, cockfighting, or Sabong betting, is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the Philippines. Sabong online betting became permitted in the Philippines in 2020, making it one of the most specialized sports in the country. And, while it is a popular sport in the Philippines, that excitement is not shared outside of the country at the moment; so Sabong online betting is available at offshore sportsbooks only.

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Where to find the best sports betting odds?

There will never be a popular sports betting site that has the most accurate and highest betting odds for every single market. As an example, some may be average for NBA online betting but the best in class for Mobile Legends online betting. Some sportsbooks, on the other hand, are able to regularly deliver high sports betting odds across the board. Here are some of the top online sports betting sites in terms of betting odds.


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Online Betting Laws in the Philippines

With the exception of a few number games such as Jueteng, gambling is legal in the Philippines, and the government oversees the sector through the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). There has been a surge in casino building, with Manila pushing Macau for the title of most popular gambling destination, but the situation is a little more difficult online.

PAGCOR’s mandate includes granting operating licenses to sports betting sites situated in the Philippines. However, because these sites are not permitted to operate within the country, the only sports betting sites that Filipino bettors are permitted to use are those located outside of the country. Fortunately, there is a variety of legitimate sports betting sites to choose from.

There was also good news for lovers of INPLAY sports betting in 2021, when PAGCOR granted authorization to Inplay, the main legal sportsbook available to Filipino bettors, to develop a remote gaming platform to service sports betting in the Philippines. INPLAY has traditionally been a brick-and-mortar operation. For the first time, they have 70 locations throughout the Philippines and a telephone betting service, so the announcement that Filipino bettors will be able to participate in INPLAY sports betting on a completely legal and controlled domestic site is huge.

Philippine Online Sports Betting Tips:

Online betting in the Philippines should always be a fun and worry-free experience; but we’ve discovered that there are specific sports betting tips you can use to make sure that this is the case.
You can read : Betting Rules and Strategies to Know before Betting

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Filipino gambling fan, you have a plethora of credible online sports betting companies to pick from; and OKBET’s anticipated entry into the online betting arena can only be a good thing. And the sites we’ve mentioned in this piece should cover all of your bases. Whether you’re searching for a sports betting site with a large welcome bonus, one that accepts bitcoin; one with a large number of sports to pick from, or one that accepts PHP deposits, we’ve got you covered.

And now that we’ve taken you through some of the best sports betting sites for Filipino bettors; given you some sports betting advice, and covered how to gamble safely, it’s up to you to determine which site works best for you. Good luck!

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