PH volleyball teams’ preparation is bolstered by a well-known trainer

BARUERI, BRAZIL—Scientific training is the key to success, and the PH volleyball women’s team is fortunate to have someone regarded as one of the best in the industry.

The technical and development section of the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). Hired renowned strength and conditioning coach Jose Inacio Salles Neto to help the Philippine National Volleyball Federation boost its national team program.

Neto spent three days at the training camp and will assist the PH volleyball spikers in maximizing their strength and avoiding injuries during tough workouts. Also as part of the team’s preparation for the Southeast Asian Games in Hanoi, Vietnam. You can check out OKBET for any updates.

“I’m ecstatic to be a part of the group. I’m here for the FIVB’s ongoing technical support and the chance to stay with the group,” Neto told the Inquirer.

During his trip, Neto worked with women’s head coach Jorge Edson Souza de Brito and team physical therapist Grace Gomez to conduct a first individual examination of the squad.

Sense of joint position

“He is a part of the FIVB’s national team assistance program for the PNVF. With his knowledge, we will be able to pass it on to our local strength and conditioning coach. Also educating our players on the current developments in S&C,” stated PNVF president Ramon “Tats” Suzara.
Neto is most known for inventing the “joint position sense” advanced technology exam. Which he used to prepare Brazilian athletes for high-level international competitions. Which competition is available in OKBET betting you can place a bet on that tournament.

He will assist de Brito in planning the training process. Including physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and technical development, among other things.

“This is my responsibility; all I have to do is assist the team in planning. The integration of various components of the training process,” Neto explained.

The addition of the Brazilian national team coach will help the country’s medal chances in the Southeast Asian Games.

On May 2, Neto will meet up with both national indoor teams in Manila. A week before, men’s and women’s squads depart for Hanoi.

“He concentrates on fundamental and appropriate movements. “Injuries know how to heal them during workouts,” Gomez stated.

Neto tested elite Brazilian athletes for joint position sensing. Also, a test that determines how each athlete perceives muscle motions.

“We attempt to do this type of examination once a year to help us direct our training plans and minimize accidents.” As a result, we can assess each athlete’s strength and evaluate their physical condition,” Neto explained.

The Philippine men’s indoor team won silver at the 2019 SEAG Games in Manila. But the women’s side has yet to win a medal since PH volleyball restores in the Games in Singapore in 2015.

With Neto on board, both teams have a good chance of improving their previous Games’ finishes.

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