Guillermo Rigondeaux is still recovering and hopes to fight again in September.

Guillermo Rigondeaux’s recovering

Former world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux‘s manager, Alex Bornote, believes the boxer is still eager to continue his career.

Rigondeaux (20-3, 13 KOs), 41, has lost his previous two fights, losing to John Reil Casimiro and Vincent Astrolabio.

Rigondeaux got the injury to his eyes after a pressure cooker exploded preparing a supper a few months ago.

The boxer’s eye problems have recovered, and he hopes to compete again by September.

“He has already recovered 100 percent vision in his left eye; on the right, he is still having difficulties and is about 50-60 percent, but we’re hopeful the guy will be ready by September,” Bornote told George Ebro.

“He says he wants to fight, that he still has something left in him. He says he needs to build a strong camp because he did not prepare for that last fight. The camp was good, Pedro Daz did a good job, but he didn’t feel good. It’s not the trainer’s fault, but he didn’t feel good. He says he wants to build a better camp and fight.”

“He always believes he can dominate but doesn’t like to throw punches, which frustrates us a lot because in recent fights… the one with Casimero, could have won it by throwing three or four more punches; in the last one, he didn’t go out to kill Astrolabe. He didn’t command respect and made a mistake. After his knockdown, he came out to win every round, but he says.

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