Lakers are still interested in Utah’s Quin Snyder.

Quin Snyder

The Los Angeles Lakers are seeking a new head coach. They’ll almost certainly require a coach who can command the locker room and is well-known: Quin Snyder, the coach of the Utah Jazz, maybe a good fit.

In March, Snyder’s name initially surfaced in Lakers head coaching rumors when it became evident that Frank Vogel would discharge.

Marc Stein of Substack gave us more information about the Lakers’ potential hire of Snyder this offseason. For updates about this trend, you can check out OKBET.

If Snyder joins on to coach the purple and gold, he’ll also have to deal with the Rambi; Stein reminded Lakers fans.

“Remember, Vogel wasn’t allowed to pick any of his major assistant coaches and had to rely on Laker’s front office adviser Kurt Rambis for advice.”

The reporter’s remarks coincide with earlier rumors suggesting. The Lakers’ handling of Vogel’s firing will impact Snyder’s readiness to join the team.

The NBA writer also mentioned that the coach’s current contract with the Jazz has one year left on it and that he has repeatedly turned down offers of a contract extension from the Danny Ainge-led front office. According to The Athletic’s Sam Amick, Snyder has the option of renewing the contract for the 2023-2024 season.

If the Jazz does not fire Snyder, which does not appear to be an option. The Lakers will have to compensate Snyder with draft picks.

Next week, the Jazz’s head coach slate to have a press conference, and doubts about his future will undoubtedly arise. The way the former Lakers assistant responds reveals whether he intends to stay with the Jazz or consider moving to Los Angeles.

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