Gary Payton II suffers an elbow fracture; Dillon Brooks is expelled from Game 2 due to a Flagrant 2 infraction.

On Tuesday night, Memphis player Dillon Brooks throw from Game 2 of their Western Conference semifinal for an obvious foul on Warriors guard Gary Payton.

The Warriors revealed during the game that Gary Payton had suffered a fractured left elbow and will have an MRI to decide the extent of the injury. For the latest update, you can check out OKBET.

Payton was attempting a layup when Brooks pursued him and swung his arm in the direction of the Warrior’s guard, striking him in the head. With 9:08 last in the first quarter, Payton went down and instantly grasped at his left arm. Officials soon declared the play a Flagrant 2, sending Brooks to the locker room.

During the nationally aired sideline interview between the first and second quarters, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was forthright about the play, describing it as “dirty.”

“Dillon Brooks broke the code,” he added following the game. He deciphered the code. That is my interpretation. You do not strike a man in midair, club him, and fracture his elbow.”

When informed that Kerr deemed Brooks’ flagrant foul dirty, Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins stated that he trusted the refs to call it correctly.

“They conducted a review,” Jenkins stated. “They made their decision, and it is clear that (Brooks) made contact with the head. As a result, I will trust what the referees did.”

Brooks missed his first three attempts following a 3-for-13 performance in Game 1. Brooks stated following Tuesday’s shootaround that he was aware that Memphis would have won the opening if he shot better.

Dillon Brooks’ duty in Game 2 as Memphis’ top perimeter defender was to guard two-time NBA scoring champion, Stephen Curry.

Gary Payton made the second free shot after missing the first. He then returned to the locker room for X-rays on his left elbow and was eventually ruled out for the residue of the game.

Warriors player Draymond Green rushed to the locker room shortly after Brooks’ dismissal, appearing elbowed in the face. Green, who was dismissed just before halftime of Golden State’s Game 1 victory, flashed the middle finger on each hand at the crowd as he walked to the locker room during a stoppage.

Draymond Green returned for the start of the second quarter after receiving stitches for a laceration to his right eye. Green stated following the game that he anticipates a sentence for doing something that felt nice at the moment. He was enraged at being booed while blood streamed down his face, following an elbow to the eye.

“I might have suffered a concussion,” Green explained. “So, if they’re that vicious, I can be as vicious as well. I think the cheers were in anticipation of a fine. Great. I earn $25 million a year; therefore, I should be alright.”

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