Chris Paul completely destroyed the Mavericks in Game 2

In the fourth quarter, Chris Paul had yet another terrific play to lead the Phoenix Suns to victory. It’s something we should accustom to by now. We’ve witnessed it countless times previously. We caught this in the preliminary of the playoffs in anticipation of the New Orleans Pelicans.

We know Paul can get it going when his team is in desperate need of him. And yet, there is always a certain satisfaction in witnessing the Point God impose his will in the clutch. It’s similar to when your favorite band performs your favorite songs or when a chef prepares your favorite food.

Paul scored 28 points in Game 2 against the Dallas Mavericks, including 14 in the final period. The game was heading a tense last 12 minutes before Paul took control. He searched for good pairings, surveyed the court quickly, and made his way to his locations. The midrange was eroding, as were the inside driving lanes.

“I was a spectator, particularly in the fourth quarter. “I obtain to sit on the bench and watch it,” Devin Booker remarked following the game. “Each time we see it, it amazes us but does not surprise us. That is, it is simply the desire to win. He finds an attractive pairing. Their form could get yelling, ‘send him left!’ You may attempt whatever you wish, but he will always have a response move prepared for you. Not only can he accomplish, but he can also make a play for another player if you leave your guy – making this a difficult matchup.” Read more.

Booker had a career-high 30 points.

Chris Paul laid the groundwork in the Suns’ historic fourth quarter, and Booker added the frosting. Booker sank clutch 3-pointers in the stretch to put the Mavericks away.

“Throughout the season, we’ve been a terrific fourth-quarter team, and we take pleasure in not valuing that quarter more than the others. But in locking in and recognizing it’s time to win,” Booker said, noting that the Suns have been the most lethal team in clutch situations. “We’ve accomplished this year by taking the lead in the third quarter and finishing teams off, and tonight was another example.”

This weekend, Chris Paul will turn 37 years old. He is in his seventeenth year. He’s logged many miles, but he shows no signs of slowing down. His age endowed him with wisdom on the court—his ability to fool the defense, similarly off the court, is evidenced by his body maintenance. We recommend OKBET sportsbook for the legal betting site here in the Philippines.

“For whatever reason, he’s fresh when he returns to start the fourth,” head coach Monty Williams explained. “At times, I play him so extensively in the first and third that I’m unsure if I should start him in the fourth. However, I enjoy sitting here and telling you that I know why or how he did it. I’m not sure if our guys anticipate it, but I’m sure they’re appreciative. You could almost see it as he began to walk; everyone else followed suit.

“He’s a fantastic basketball player, and what I admire most about Chris Paul is his genuine concern.”

Phoenix shot a breathtaking 84.2 percent in the fourth quarter.

The second-best fourth-quarter field goal percentage in the last 25 seasons (ESPN Stats and Info). The Suns had a 64.5 shooting percentage by the game’s end, a postseason franchise record for field goal percentage. The Suns were highly efficient, with Chris Paul leading the charge.

“What’s remarkable is that it feels like he’s just chilling for the first two quarters,” Jae Crowder said of Chris Paul. “He is not overly aggressive; he observes the game, switches flip on, and observes their defense of him. He is aware of what is on the reverse. He sees the various coverages they throw at him and assaults them.”

The Suns are continuously putting Luka Doncic in high-volume situations. Doncic may score in bunches, but the Suns intend to force him to work on the defensive end. When Paul had the ball down the stretch, he took advantage of the Mavericks’ switching defense. He would request a screen, evaluate the defender after a switch, and either shoot or transfer the ball to an open teammate.

Booker stated that the aspect of Chris Paul is game that he admires the most is how he manipulates it. “He’s always in charge, he’s two or three steps ahead of what the opposing team is doing, and his leadership can never go undetected when speaking of him, just as he holds individuals accountable. The desire to win The list continues to grow. That is the reason behind his nickname.”

We’re so accustomed to seeing CP3 at crunch time. He will continue to contribute in the final minutes of games. The anticipation of something familiar does not diminish the excitement of the encounter. Chris Paul is like this when he is in his element in the fourth quarter.

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