Anthony Davis needs to do something for the Lakers that he hasn’t done in years

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers are counting on you. They require you to perform at the level of All-NBA center, which you have achieved on four occasions in 11 seasons. You had to have performed really well in all of them for the coaches to consider you for MVP. That’s the goal, anyhow. The act of bouncing back. With the intent to rule.

There’s turmoil happening for the Los Angeles Lakers. Due to a foot ailment, LeBron James will be out for what could be many weeks. Los Angeles’ post-trade deadline optimism was quickly deflated on Sunday, when smartphone cameras recorded James hobbling out of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Lakers need to win out with the all-time great in street clothes since they are one game below the last Western Conference play-in berth.

Anthony Davis is essential for them at this point. The version who led the Lakers to a championship in the COVID-19 era, not the brittle, injury-prone version in recent seasons. Not the one who has been injured in the back, wrist, foot, or groin, but rather the dominant post player who can single-handedly change games from the defensive end.

The Lakers acquired the latter Anthony Davis on Tuesday. Their final score against Memphis was 121-109, thus they did lose. Absolutely nothing wrong about admitting that. The Grizzlies have won 37 games and are currently firmly planted in the No. 3 position. They have Jaren Jackson Jr., a leading candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, and one of the NBA’s top playmakers, Ja Morant. Without James and D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers traveled to our town.

The Lakers’ loss was not due to Davis, though. Anthony Davis was outstanding, with 28 points, 19 rebounds, and 5 blocks. He attempted 13 free throws and converted 10. The man seemed to pop up in every room. Los Angeles’s loss may be attributed to their 26 turnovers (Davis, to be fair, coughed up five). Their inability to stop Morant in the third quarter contributed to his 28 points and ultimately their loss. They lost because they allowed 86 points to be scored in the paint and 33 points on fast breaks.

It’s difficult to get your defense set when you keep turning the ball over, as Lakers head coach Darvin Johnson put it. Our sales drops were directly related to it.

The Lakers still have 20 games left this season. The odds of succeeding in many of them are high. According to, they have the third easiest remaining schedule of any team. The Warriors, who are still missing Stephen Curry, and the Dallas Mavericks, who can never seem to score a game-winning shot, are two of the team’s hardest opponents. The Pelicans, who are in a free fall, and the Jazz, who might start resting their starters at any time, are now in better place than the Lakers.

Even though James can’t be replaced, his team still has a shot at making the playoffs.

It’s crucial that many things go correctly. To begin, the Lakers need to quit sprinkling the floor with loose balls. Dennis Schröder had six turnovers on Tuesday, and the team generally looked like it did during the first two months of the season. That was four for Austin Reaves. The Grizzlies scored 41 points off of Lakers miscues. Los Angeles put up nine points.

The actors in this show need to raise their game. This summer, Rui Hachimura hopes to earn a substantial salary. Score more than nine points and only make three of seven shots. Do we expect a long-term contract offer for Schröder this offseason? While changing possession, you shouldn’t just stand about. If Russell wants to earn another max deal, he needs to establish his worth. Apply some soil on your aching ankle, and then get back in the game.

Yet Anthony Davis is the one who has to deal with the bulk of the stress. The Lakers overpaid for Davis in 2019, which I know will disappoint many fans. For a star who had made it plain he just wanted to stay there, Magic Johnson and company purged the organization of players and draft picks, bidding against themselves. The Los Angeles fans will argue that Davis’s contribution to the team winning the championship in 2020 is worth the cost. Yet if you offer both clubs a second chance, the Pelicans are the only ones who would likely agree to the same agreement.

This last stretch of 20 games is a chance. Davis stated confidently that the Lakers had “more than enough” to win. They’ve got shooters, reliable bench players, and stars like Davis and Russell to carry them. It’s not a Herculean effort to go up above the blazers.

“[LeBron’s] presence on the floor, his voice, his playmaking ability, and his scoring ability will definitely be missed,” Davis added. A different group of men needs to take the lead. This is the time for me to take charge and act assertively.

He was on Tuesday. Against Jackson, the best inside defender in the NBA, he came out on top. In the paint, he was a real threat. Davis was aggressive on defense and rushed up and down the floor in transition despite playing through his own ailment (he has been labeled as probable before games over the last few weeks with a foot issue).

He must assume the role of that player. Indeed, there’s more. Always at night. Davis, more than anybody else, was taken aback by the news of James’s serious injury. He has played through a lot of stuff, Davis added. And nobody wants to give James a playoff opportunity more than James himself. Davis emphasized the importance of having a player be physically and mentally prepared before letting him play. The rest of the guys in the locker room need to take responsibility.

The 2020 championship is Davis’s to keep, and now is his chance to expand on it. The Lakers signed Davis with the intention of turning the franchise over to him as LeBron James became older. The opposite is true. Even when everyone gave up on him, James kept surprising everyone, and Davis’s injury problems kept him off the court for a long period. Even if a defining stretch won’t make the previous two seasons disappear, it will help some people forget about them.

Ham emphasized that “the mission is still the mission” to the media before Tuesday’s game.

The late Davis was in agreement.

According to Davis, “that’s a terrible blow,” as he put it after the game on Tuesday. It’s unlikely that [LeBron] will return any time soon. Sadness for ourselves is not an option. We can’t afford to rest our heads. To compete at the same level as tonight, we must return to the field. Get more news and updates on NBA only here at