The Winning Poker Network was issued a conditional fine of EUR 25,000 by the Netherlands Gaming Commission

Winning Poker Network

One of the most popular Dutch gaming networks, Winning Poker Network (WPN), was found to have broken the laws by the Netherlands’ Gaming Authority, De Kansspelautoriteit (Ksa), in September 2022. The largest online poker network was fined by the authority for allowing users in the Netherlands to access the unlawful gambling on one of its websites.

After receiving this warning, the Winning Poker Network assured the Ksa that they will stop engaging in this illegal activity immediately. Ksa discovered that while the website of the contested operator was inaccessible from the Netherlands during the second inspection, other WPN websites were still operational and provided an equally simple approach for creating accounts and participating in the illegitimate games of chance.

Penalties Are Enforced for Repeat Offenses

The gaming authority issued a conditional fine order subject to periodic checks and ordered Winning Poker Network to stop the activity as a result of repeated violations of Dutch gaming regulations. In other words, if the poker operator is discovered to be providing illegal games of chance, it will be fined a maximum of 75,000 euros, or 25,000 euros, every week.

Ksa continues to investigate all relevant iGaming providers for illegal activity at the same time. The regulator’s special fines policy, which was modified in September 2021, was followed when a punishment of € 675,000 was recently levied on Dutch iGaming business Ridge Marketing for promoting illegal online gaming. The revised regulation requires Ksa to keep an eye on gaming revenue in the region and to fine Dutch iGaming operators and suppliers for any illegal or unlicensed activity.

Unlawful Content Access

As a result, five large corporations have lately been hit with fines totaling over €26 million for breaking Ksa regulations. The major reason for the monetary penalty is that the organizations in question did not have a license to provide online gambling to customers. The policy makes it clear that the regulator views such involvement as improper.

Gambling License Requirement

A fine might also be implied for other reasons, including as failing to proudly display age verification throughout an iGaming network or sending messages that could mislead players into thinking that the party in question had a European license. As a result, the Dutch Gaming Authority is quite adamant that you get a license if you want to legally provide online gambling services to Dutch citizens.

A look at the latest fines is all it takes to see that the regulations are strictly enforced. If Winning Poker Network is unable to secure a license for the games of chance it offers, it will be the next operator to acknowledge this policy. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on sports, casino, and betting here at Stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the industry by staying.


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