According to an NBA scout, Bronny James is the 17th best player in the McDonald’s All-American Game

Bronny James

Even though LeBron James’ eldest kid Bronny is a promising basketball player, his future in the sport is still up for question.

There was a time when many people didn’t think Younger James would make it to the NBA. His chances of making it in the league are looking better than ever right now. In fact, ESPN’s hypothetical 2024 NBA Draft had him as a top-10 choice.

Yet, this does not imply he is without detractors. The younger James has been ranked as the seventeenth best player in the upcoming McDonald’s All-American Game, according to one NBA scout. There are a total of 24 participants in the game, therefore 17-year-old James would be ranked at the bottom.

James was ranked 17th by one NBA scout when asked to place the league’s top 24 players in order, according to a report by Tobias Bass of The Athletic. The 247Sports Composite ranks James as the best uncommitted talent in the country for the Class of 2023, but he is still the subject of much conjecture. James, however, did not participate in the media day on Monday, so no information could be gleaned from his absence.

Younger James must be grateful just to be playing in the yearly event at all, regardless of his lowly position

The McDonald’s All-American Game is where many of the league’s top stars initially garnered widespread attention.

The James family must be overjoyed to see their younger son get such widespread acclaim. Many have assumed for a long time that the talented teen’s success is entirely attributable to his famous father. It is now evident that he possesses the skills necessary to continue his father’s remarkable basketball legacy.

For some time now, the younger James had been rated as a four-star talent, but early this month, On3 upgraded him to a five-star rating. The recruiting website ranks him as the ninth best player in his class nationally.

The younger Bronny James is now listed as 6 feet 3, 190 pounds. While he is shorter and lighter than his dad, his stats nonetheless place him in the ballpark for NBA point guards.

He will have great success at the collegiate and professional levels thanks to his solid shooting and playmaking abilities and excellent basketball IQ.

The senior James has made no secret of the fact that one of his life’s biggest ambitions is to play in the NBA with his son. More than ever before, this aim appears to be within reach.

It will be fascinating to see the younger James’ game develop after he graduates from high school and faces up against even stronger competition. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on sports, casino, and betting here at Stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the industry by staying.

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