Daughter of DeMar DeRozan goes viral during Play-In game

Daughter of DeMar DeRozan goes viral during Play-In game

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Bulls’ MVP Isn’t Zach LaVine, Nicola Vucevic, or even DeMar DeRozan. She is DeRozan’s 9-year-old daughter, whose screaming led to some of the finest free throw defense in NBA history!

Diar DeRozan wants to be absent from school for one day. Her father consented to the plan very unwillingly. It turns out that the decision was important.

On Wednesday night, the 9-year-old daughter of Chicago star DeMar DeRozan stole the show at the AT&T Play-In Tournament, eliciting screams from the crowd and maybe helping the Bulls to defeat the Raptors 109-105 in an Eastern Conference game elimination.

Her ear-splitting screams would occur during free throws by the Raptors – her father’s previous team — and were loud enough to become a subject of talk during the game’s ESPN broadcast. The Raptors hit 18 of 36 from the foul line in their season-ending loss.

“My daughter contacted me the other day as she was getting ready to leave school and said, ‘Dad, can I come to the Toronto game?” DeRozan explained. “I remember her going to all the Toronto games when she was a youngster, and I almost turned her down since she was in school back home.” Yet she persisted in her inquiry. She was enthusiastic about attending the game, so I told her, ‘All right, you may miss one day of school and come to a game.’

“I’m delighted I did,” stated DeRozan. “I’m sure I owe her money.”

DeMar DeRozan’s daughter helps the Bulls beat the Raptors

DeMar Derozan led the Bulls into Wednesday’s play-in game against the Raptors, but he wasn’t the only DeRozan making noise inside the Scotiabank Centre. Diar, DeRozan’s 9-year-old daughter, was seen shouting at Raptors players as they headed to the free-throw line during the game.

Diar DeRozan’s techniques appear to have worked, as Toronto missed a season-high 18 of its 36 free throw tries in a 109-105 loss. Despite shooting 78.4% from the line during the regular season.

The Chicago Bulls’ MVP on Wednesday night was not Zach LaVine, Nicola Vucevic, or DeMar DeRozan… DeRozan’s 9-year-old daughter’s screams resulted in some of the best free throw defense in NBA history!!!

To keep their playoff hopes alive, the Chicago Bulls needed to upset Toronto at Scotiabank Arena. They got an unexpected huge assist from DeRozan’s daughter to make it all happened.

Diar DeRozan yelled bloodcurdling shrieks from her seat in the stands on every Raptors free throw attempt in the 9-seed vs. 10-seed play-in game. It really baffled the Toronto players. As the season heats up and the competition gets fiercer, we’ll be here to bring you exclusive insights, expert analysis, and all the latest news from the world of NBA basketball and beyond. So stay tuned and always ready for some thrilling sports action.

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