NBA: Sacramento Kings Take Early 2-0 Lead Against Golden State Warriors

Sacramento Kings Take Early 2-0 Lead Against Golden State Warriors

In their best-of-seven Western Conference playoff series, the Sacramento Kings upset the Golden State Warriors 114-106 to grab a 2-0 lead over the NBA champions on Monday.

The Kings defeated the Warriors in another exciting postseason matchup between the two Northern California rivals in Sacramento after winning a nail-biting game on Saturday.

In a tense game that saw Warriors veteran Draymond Green sent off for stepping on Domantas Sabonis’ chest in the fourth quarter, De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis led Sacramento in scoring with 24 points each.

The win puts the Kings in the lead when the series moves to San Francisco for game three on Thursday.

Here the highlight of Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriors

Sabonis said on TNT television, “We came out here tonight and everyone fought. We were locked in.”

It’s basketball playoff time. We are here to battle. Every time we take the field, we’ll give all we’ve got to our teammates and organization.

Sabonis hesitated to comment on the violent collision between Green and the Warriors veteran in the fourth quarter, resulting in their dismissal.

Green was dismissed for seeming to stamp on Sabonis’ chest as the Kings player lay on the court holding for his ankle.

We both collided with each other while battling for the rebound; well, it’s basketball. We must go to the following play, Sabonis stated.

Green blamed Sabonis for the incident

Green remarked, “I’ve got to plant my foot someplace.” “I can only advance so far with my leg being pulled back. What is, is what is.

With 28 points, Steph Curry led the Warriors in scoring, followed by Andrew Wiggins with 22 and Klay Thompson with 21.

Nevertheless, the Warriors’ string of 20 errors cost them cheap points as Sacramento took the lead early in the second quarter.

Midway in the fourth quarter, Golden State fought back from a 14-point third-quarter hole to level the game at 93.

Yet Sacramento returned to pull ahead and secure a brave victory.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr stated, “We didn’t play well enough to win a playoff game on the road. With a few minutes left in the game, it was tied.

“We will play better because we know we need to. These are champs, these people. The manner our troops battled demonstrated their mettle. We’ll be here to bring you exclusive insights, expert analysis, and all the latest news from the world of NBA basketball and beyond. So stay tuned and always ready for some thrilling sports action.

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