NBA: Grant Williams a Forward of Boston Celtics Bloodied in Collision With Joel Embiid’s Foot

Grant Williams a Forward of Boston Celtics Bloodied in Collision With Joel Embiid’s Foot

Grant Williams, a forward for the Boston Celtics, took a foot to the face in the 4th quarter of Game 3 against the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday, leaving him with a bleeding lip and other injuries.

The majority of workers had a positive day on Friday. A 280-pound MVP stepped on the skull of a single victim.

At issue here is a play in which Williams and teammate Jaylen Brown collided while going after the ball, and Brown ended up on the floor below an airborne Embiid. As expected, gravity took over, and Embiid was left with no choice except to use his whole weight to smash Williams’ head on the floor.

Apologies and Understanding: Joel Embiid’s Regretful Collision with Grant Williams

Brown collided with Embiid, resulting in a costly foul, his fifth of the game.

Williams was hurt and the Celtics’ staff spent a long time tending to him on the bench. Minutes later, he was back to help the Celtics seal a 114-102 victory and grab a 2-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Embiid apologized to Williams later in the game, and Williams stated he understood it was a mistake.


Williams laughed off the situation after the game:

“I was like, ‘Dang, I got curb-stomped.’ It happens, man. He was falling backward, and I’m thankful he didn’t fully lean his weight on it because he got me pretty badly, but then I think he felt that he landed on something, so he picked his foot up. Hurts a little bit.”

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