NBA: Anthony Davis’ Pursuit of Greatness Is Momentarily Hindered by the Recurring Issue of Injuries

Anthony Davis’ Pursuit of Greatness Is Momentarily Hindered by the Recurring Issue of Injuries

Anthony Davis’ injuries scare in Game 5 was the latest reminder of his razor-thin margin between dominance and absence.

Anthony Davis does not carelessly put himself in danger. However, harm still has to obtain a GPS device, enter Davis’ current work address, locate exactly where he is on a court, and track him down instead.

It’s the narrative of his basketball life, and make no mistake, it’s a charming basketball life. But, if Davis had a dime for every time, he felt the familiar sensation of anguish… well, he probably does.

The point is, despite his excellence, with everything that he has achieved in his 11 NBA seasons, the 2020 championship, everything-Star appearances, praise for his defense, and admiration for his ability to score in some ways, Davis hasn’t always been able to take a blow without clutching a body part.

Anthony Davis’ Resilience Tested Once Again as Lakers Face Critical Game 6

The most recent incident occurred on Wednesday, amid an explosive series with the Warriors, when Davis accidentally clubbed in the temple with seven minutes remaining in the Lakers’ Game 5 loss. Davis bowed down, staggered off the court, and was subsequently assisted to the locker room, done for the night, as soon as he took the punch from Kevon Looney.

He tested for a concussion, which was surprising given that the footage did not show a violent shot. While this does not imply Davis is not hit at a susceptible point, all the armchair neurologists began to doubt his toughness, a tune Davis had heard many times before.

 Whenever Davis collapses to the floor, the arena becomes so silent that you can hear fingers crossing.

He’s likely to play in Game 6 (10 p.m. ET, ESPN) on Friday, when the Lakers get a second opportunity to defeat the Golden State Warriors and advance to the Western Conference finals. That’s the good news; he hasn’t missed a game throughout the playoffs. However, the Lakers had to hold their breath a few times, both during the Memphis series and now against the Warriors, when Anthony Davis twisted his ankle, injured his hip, and now suffered a head injury.

Davis’ Injury Woes Haunt his Pursuit of Greatness with the Lakers

On Thursday, Darvin Ham, the Lakers’ coach, said, “Our medical staff showed us a great update” and that Davis was not “showing signs of anything.” That was fantastic news.”

Davis refused to leave the Memphis series. “There’s no way I’m not playing,” he remarked. Given the stakes, he’ll likely pursue the same method on Friday, barring a relapse or being red-flagged by the team medical staff.

Instead, Davis is suffering from a bad reputation. Over his NBA career, he has missed games due to shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, Achilles, wrist, and hand ailments, never playing a full 82 or even coming close until twice with the New Orleans Pelicans, when he had back-to-back seasons of 75 games played. It’s no accident that they were his best seasons: A combined average of 28 points, 11 rebounds, 2.5 blocks, and 1.5 steals.

When Davis joined the L.A Lakers in 2019 after fighting his way out of New Orleans, Anthony Davis injuries ghost followed him. He has appeared in 194 of 377 regular-season games, with some games missing due to rest and precaution.

Anthony Davis’ Injuries Battles Threaten Lakers’ Consistency and Playoff Hopes

Davis may have had a break during the Lakers’ 2020 championship season; because the league momentarily shut down for COVID, there were less games and, therefore fewer opportunities to be hurt, and Anthony Davis didn’t miss any time during the playoff run to the title.

Davis had Achilles and calf injuries the following season and missed 36 games in a 72-game season. Then, in a first-round series defeat to the Suns, Anthony Davis pulled up with a groin injuries in Game 4, missed the following game, and appeared in the elimination game.

Davis missed the start last season due to a fever. Then, he missed 40 games, including 17 straight, due to an MCL strain and wrist, foot, and knee issues. As a result, the Lakers did not make the playoffs.

Davis missed 26 games this season due to a strained right foot, among other issues. The Lakers struggled in the standings until midseason moves and improved health for Davis and LeBron James ignited a season turnaround. Davis was not considered for seasonal honors, which, unlike All-Star team selections, place a premium on player availability. As a result, he was not named to the All-NBA or All-Defensive teams.

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