NBA: Heat’s Game 4 Slump Against Celtics, Should Panic Set In for Miami Heat?


Heat's Game 4 Slump Against Celtics, Should Panic Set In for Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat’s run to the Eastern Conference Finals was a complete surprise. Maybe the Heat did, but after finishing the regular season in the Play-In Tournament, it looked like Miami’s offseason would be full of uncertainty.

The Heat entered Tuesday night’s Game 4 of the conference finals leading the Boston Celtics, the defending Eastern Conference champions, 3-0. If they won, the Heat would go to the NBA Finals for the second time in four years. It appeared as though Boston would be swept in four games, but the Celtics found some magic on Tuesday and triumphed by a score of 116-99 to force at least one more game.

Analyzing the Heat’s Mindset after Game 3 Loss to Celtics

Considering that no NBA team has ever come back from down 3-0, the Heat should have nothing to worry about.

Miami has a lot going for them historically, but the NBA Playoffs are no place to get complacent, as the Heat know.

He remarked, “They got us tonight,” Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra stated. You can’t deny their accomplishment. Nothing could be further from the truth. That isn’t something we’re curious about. They were due for a victory tonight. We need to take this time to refocus and prepare for an incredible opportunity in Boston.

The Heat were just outmatched by a Celtics squad that did not want the series to finish, and as a result, they lost the decisive game. At halftime, Miami had a six-point lead and momentum, but the Celtics outscored the Heat by a score of 56-43 thanks to some strong defensive play and some careless play by Miami. 

Previewing the Decisive Game 5 at TD Garden

The Celtics and their coach, Joe Mazzulla, deserve a ton of praise for showing incredible grit and determination to win in Miami and force a deciding Game 5 at TD Garden. Even though the Heat were caught on a terrible shooting night in Game 4, they have nothing to worry about in this series.

Miami’s shooting percentages dropped from 51.9 percent on the floor and 47.8 percent on threes in Games 1 through 3 of this series to 43.6 percent on the floor and 25.0 percent on threes in Game 5. The Boston Celtics shot 40 percent from beyond the arc on Tuesday night in Miami after making just 18 of their first 45 attempts (29.2 percent).

Game 5’s Crucial Battle in the Series

The statistics don’t deceive; for the first time in the series, the Celtics were successful from beyond the arc, which was the deciding factor in their triumph. The Celtics will have a decent opportunity to win Game 5 at home and force a Game 6 in Miami if they can repeat their brilliance from beyond the arc.

The catch is that Boston’s success or failure hinges on the three-point shot. While their shots were not falling in Game 4, the Heat realized they would be in a strong position if they continued to play the way they had throughout the season and traveled back to Boston with another chance to close out this series.

“Just get back to doing what we’ve always done to get to this point,” Jimmy Butler said. Have faith in one another consistently with the confidence that we shall succeed. We need to up our game. There’s little to discuss with this crew; we know what to do, so it’s time to put it into action.

Staying Focused and Seizing the Opportunity: Heat’s Challenge in Game 5 against Resilient Celtics

The Heat shouldn’t be too worried by their performance in Game 4, but they will need to bring their A-game to Boston to avoid letting the Celtics back into the series. At the outset of this series, Boston was favored by a wide margin against Miami. However, the Heat’s domination has turned the script, making it possible for people’s perspectives to shift.

As cliche, as it may sound, a series is only finished once one side has won four games. Although the Celtics’ offensive firepower from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum makes a comeback in this series and four straight wins to go to the NBA Finals highly implausible, it is not impossible. Furthermore, the Heat’s mindset may be easily disrupted if they suddenly found themselves as the favorites.

If the Heat wants to avoid having to return home for yet another game against the Celtics, they’ll need to bring the same level of effort and attention they had going into the series.

Spoelstra has noted, “We have great respect for Boston and what they are capable of.” They have a potent attacking unit that relies on hard work and dedication to succeed. Our guys are particularly keen about this, but Boston also has opinions on the matter. We need to take this time to refocus and prepare for an incredible opportunity in Boston.

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