NBA Star Nikola Jokic Returns to Serbia in Time for Horse Racing

NBA Star Nikola Jokic Returns to Serbia in Time for Horse Racing

Nikola Jokic, MVP of the NBA Finals, returned to Serbia in time to attend Sunday’s horse races.

According to the Associated Press, the Denver Nuggets center visited the Hippodrome in Sombor, his hometown in northern Serbia.

After scoring 28 points in the Nuggets’ Game 5 victory over the Miami Heat, this was the 28-year-old’s top priority.

I am still determining how I’ll get there on a late Thursday. Perhaps on Friday,” he said. After frequently referencing returning to his horses after the game, he stated, “I’m going to ask [Nuggets President] Josh [Kroenke] to give me a plane.”

It needs to be clarified if he borrowed the Kroenkes’ plane or found another way to fly the 6,000 miles himself, but he did it.

When Joki was on his way to the hippodrome, he would have seen a billboard that said “Welcome Home MVP” and featured two pictures of him wearing No. 15 behind prancing horses.

The Associated Press reports that when he arrived, the town’s victorious candidate was greeted with shouts by supporters wearing tributes to the winner. Some supporters plastered Jokic’s likeness on T-shirts, while others sported swag that said “Be the Next Champion” and “Sombor, the Town of Champions.”

Nikola Jokic’s Sin City Celebration Takes Toll on Teammate Bruce Brown

Despite his initial disappointment at being forced to remain in the United States for a parade. Jokic assured his followers on Thursday that he “wanted to stay on parade” for the celebrations.

He was spotted out on the town in Sin City on Friday night, and Nuggets forward Bruce Brown even placed the blame for his hangover on him.

I want everyone to know that my current woes are Nikola Jokic’s doing. Brown on Instagram Live, “I don’t know what he had me drinking last night, but I blame it on #15.”

Nikola Jokic Uncharacteristic Celebration Sets the Stage for NBA Greatness, Maintains Passion for Horses

He had recently acquired a thoroughbred named Dream Catcher for racing. On race day, he represented his horse in polo with the moniker of the mount.

Malika Andrews of ESPN wanted to know whether he would buy another one during the Finals. He answered, “Probably, even if I lose.” If he hasn’t already, he’ll probably get more horses shortly.

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