NBA: Trail Blazers Put an End to Damian Lillard Trade Rumors

Trail Blazers Put an End to Damian Lillard Trade Rumors

Before Thursday’s NBA Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers reportedly turned down offers for All-Star guard Damian Lillard.

On Wednesday, Wojnarowski said on “The Pat McAfee Show” that Lillard “wants to be in Portland, and the Blazers have shut down anybody who’s called about the possibility of trying to trade for him.”

Wojnarowski made the following observation during his investigation into the feasibility of the Miami Heat acquiring Lillard. He modified his statement by saying that the Heat would be interested in Damian Lillard at “any point this summer where he becomes available.”

Wojnarowski continued by saying, “He is not available at this time.”

As a result of the Trail Blazers being eliminated from postseason contention, Lillard, a seven-time NBA All-Star, is speculated to be available for trade again this summer. Lillard is one of the finest players in the NBA, and adding him to any club with championship aspirations would be a huge boost for that team’s chances. There is no indication that the Trail Blazers are one of those clubs.

Damian Lillard Commits Long-Term to Portland Trail Blazers, Focused on Championship Pursuit

The 32-year-old Lillard signed a two-year, $122 million agreement with the organization that drafted him 11 years ago this summer, keeping him with the Blazers until the 2024-25 season. He did, however, want Portland to develop with seasoned players to give the organization a chance to compete for a title shortly during his postseason media availability.

As for 19-year-olds, “That’s enough,” Lillard remarked of his teammate and 2016 NBA draft first-round pick Shaedon Sharpe in April. It’s unlikely that someone like him will appear. That’s not anything I care about at all.

Furthermore, this is not a secret. Please give me a shot at it. And if that’s the way to get there, I’d instead not take it. We’re all on the same page with doing what has to be done to assemble a squad that can go out and truly accomplish something.

On Thursday’s NBA Draft, Portland will choose third. How the Trail Blazers handle this offseason might significantly impact Lillard’s desire to remain in Portland next season.

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