NBA: Bronny James Honors Legacy, Wearing LeBron’s Jersey Number

Bronny James Honors Legacy, Wearing Father LeBron's USC Jersey Number

Bronny James is showing off his Trojan gear. He isn’t afraid to live up to the expectations set by his famous dad.

On Thursday, USC released a photo of its new freshman in full game gear. His jersey number will be 6, which LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers also wears.

Bronny James Fearlessly Honors Father’s Legacy at USC

It’s a brave move on Bronny’s part, and it further demonstrates that he’s not shying away from the attention that comes with being the son of the best basketball player of his time. When he first arrived at USC, he made this thinking quite evident. Bronny received college scholarship offers from various prestigious institutions, including Ohio State, Oregon, and Memphis.

He decided to play for the Trojans instead, who host their games in the Galen Center, which is located about a mile and a half down Figueroa Street from the Arena, which is the home court for the Lakers. As he sets his sights on a career in the NBA, maintaining a strong relationship with his father is his top goal.

Bronny: Carrying the Name, Chasing Dreams at USC

Bronny, a shooting guard 6 feet 2 inches tall, committed to USC as a four-star prospect. He should contribute to and start right away for a Trojans team that has a chance to open the season ranked in the Top 25 by the AP. The name Bronny is more than just a title. He not only has the reputation but also the skills to back it up.

However, he is not a top prospect, and there is no assurance that he will play in the NBA. If he wants to hear his name called on an NBA Draft night in the future, his play as a freshman at USC will go a long way toward determining how well he does in college. Meanwhile, he is taking full advantage of the fact that he is his father’s son.

If all goes according to plan for LeBron, Bronny will be required to play in the NBA with a new number. James has been quite vocal about his wish to compete alongside Bronny before the latter calls his quits. If anything like that occurs, it is pretty unlikely that slot number 6 will be accessible.

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