inplay sportsbook review

Digital sportsbook and casino Lucky Yeti are custom-built for the rising Indian sports betting market. PAGCOR has certified and regulated Jade Sportsbet, making it eligible for online and retail opportunities throughout the Philippines. RPM Gaming is the software behind both sportsbooks.

Why JADE Sportsbook?

Jade Sportsbet is a firm believer in responsible gaming. Our responsibility is to ensure that our players are safe and have a good time.

Easy Registration
Fast & Secured Transactions

Jade Sportsbet believes that players should have fun when gaming. While also being mindful of the social and financial consequences of problem gambling.

As a result, if you believe your gambling has become a problem. Kindly contact us to discuss your options for self-exclusion. Opening/maintaining an account and placing bets with Jade Sportsbet is banned for those under twenty-one (21) of age.

Gambling is a sort of entertainment that should never become a financial or emotional burden in your or your family’s lives. Borrowing money to bet, going over your budget, or spending money for something else is not only risky. However, it may also cause significant problems for you and others. We want you to have a good time at Jade Sportsbet, so bet responsibly and have a good time!

Jade has legal requirements as a betting company that we must follow. Jade is obliged by law to take all reasonable steps to prevent fraud and the legalizing (laundering) of unlawfully obtained funds, as well as the financing of terrorism. That cookies help us protect our customers and our activities. By allowing us to check the authenticity of data provided by our customers, prevent repeat registration of the same customers, and prevent unauthorized access to other customers’ betting accounts. They also assist us in detecting unusual activity that could indicate an attempt to conduct fraud. Legalize (launder) unlawfully obtained funds, finance terrorism, or other illegal acts or violations of our cooperation agreements.

What are the sports available to bet in JADE?

When it comes to the sports betting markets players may expect. Jade believes popular ones will be available. The following sports are likely to be offered by Jade Sportsbet.

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • MMA

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Jade expects to see billiards, athletics, badminton, weightlifting, boxing, and baseball, given how popular they are in this country. Once this brand accepts consumers, our Jade SportsBet review will include information on all available markets.

Sports betting fans in the Philippines will likely be keen to get in some exciting live betting action. So, will there be an in-game section? We sincerely hope so. Incorporating a live streaming feature will also be a great addition. Soon, our staff will have more information about these options and their availability. Keep an eye out for updates to our Jade SportsBet review.

The way to proceed for this up-and-coming betting platform would be to offer a Jade SportsBet mobile app from the start. After all, mobile devices account for the vast majority of online bets. Therefore it’s only logical that the individuals behind this field are aware of this.

Is JADE Open for Filipino Players?

Players in the Philippines now have access to the website. Which offers reactive rates on sports such as basketball, tennis, football, and boxing, both before and during games. Player registration is currently open on the platform. Fans of online sports betting in the Philippines have excited about something new: Jade SportsBet is gearing up for a big debut, and our Jade SportsBet review has all the facts.

“We’ve already seen Jade SportsBet bounce back with record volumes at Okada Manila ahead of the highly anticipated Pacquiao fight this weekend. And, as you might expect, the huge majority of our local clients only want to support one boxer! “With a highly varied selection of products, the Philippines is Asia’s most mature gaming market, and we’re happy to be innovating to foster a sustainable and socially responsible sports betting ecosystem,” he added.

JADE Bonuses and Promotions

The Jade SportsBet online betting platform has yet to open. But we are confident that qualified new customers will have the chance to claim a welcome bonus as soon as that happens. After all, the vast majority of online betting companies follow this practice.

The terms and restrictions that apply to each offer will vary depending on the type of offer. There are, however, a few that you should expect to see. In the beginning, the incentive is frequently only available to new players who complete the registration process. Second, they must be of legal drinking age.

What are the Payment Methods in JADE

Betting sites in the Philippines typically provide their registered consumers with a wide of payment alternatives. As a result, we don’t see why the online betting platform Jade SportsBet would take a different strategy.

When the site becomes up, we’ll have to wait for formal confirmation of the available banking options. Meanwhile, we can speculate about what will be available. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Bank Cards
  • E-wallets
  • Prepaid Cards

JADE Customer Support

If you have any problems, a polite and professional customer support crew will be there to help you (ideally 24 hours a day, seven days a week). There are usually various contact methods available, and Jade SportsBet should at least supply the participants with a handful of them, such as:

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone Number
  • Email


Jade SportsBet, the Philippines’ fastest-growing online and land-based sports betting provider, greeted 2022 with special offers for its rapidly expanding customer base. With the NBA season still going strong, JSB is gearing up to introduce a new free-to-play platform where customers may enjoy playing basketball mini-games. 

With the highly anticipated grand slams, Jade SportsBet introduced multiboost, offering players to increase their earnings by making more selections. And, with the PHP1,000 sign-up bonus, it has established itself as a game-changer, with perks unlike any other.