NBA: Haliburton Shines as Pacers Eliminate Celtics in In-Season

NBA: Haliburton Shines as Pacers Eliminate Celtics in In-Season

The Indiana Pacers have been a joy to watch all season, and they showed why in a big way on Monday night. Facing the Boston Celtics in the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, the Pacers were led by Tyrese Haliburton’s triple-double. Haliburton scored 26 points, had 13 assists, and grabbed 10 rebounds to help the Pacers pull away from the Celtics in the second half and win 122-112. The win sends the Pacers to Las Vegas for the tournament semifinals.

First Triple Double Career Highlights by Tyrese Haliburton 

This thrilling NBA In-Season Tournament game was a must-watch spectacle, with both teams giving it their all. The Indiana crowd, buzzing with tension, created a playoff-like atmosphere. The high-stakes game kept fans on the edge of their seats and focused on their NBA Betting until the end.

Haliburton and the Pacers Headed to In-Season Tournament SemiFinals

The game was intense and physical, more like a playoff game than a regular-season matchup. The Celtics tried to isolate and attack Tyrese Haliburton on defense, but he stepped up and played strong defense in the second half when the Pacers needed it most.

Pacers Overcome Celtics’ Size Advantage to Secure Semifinals

The Celtics dominated the first half, controlling the tempo and utilizing their size advantage to score inside. Despite Kristaps Porzingis’ absence due to a calf injury, Boston’s paint dominance was evident. They shot 4-of-11 from the restricted area early on and held a 20-point advantage in paint scoring by halftime. The Celtics capitalized on their size advantage with a 14-3 run late in the second quarter, leading 55-48 at the break, with Tatum and Brown each contributing 12 points.

The Pacers emerged with renewed energy in the third quarter and regained pace control. It marked a turning point in the game. Indiana unleashed a 17-3 run in the third quarter, and when the game tightened late, they continued to make crucial plays to secure the victory.

Boston’s Reliance on Isolation Plays Limits Offensive Effectiveness

Boston’s offense struggled in the clutch, relying too much on individual plays by Tatum and Brown. When their shots fell, the offense looked good, but their lack of easy baskets and rim penetration made them vulnerable to scoring droughts. This weakness was evident in Monday’s game, where a few minutes of struggles proved costly.

Buddy Hield chipped in with 21 points for the Pacers, while Myles Turner had a solid performance with 17 points and 10 rebounds. Tatum led the Celtics with 32 points, and Brown followed with 30, but Boston’s poor three-point shooting (12-of-41, 29.3%) hindered their offense.

Indiana moves on to Las Vegas for the In-Season semifinals, where they’ll face the winner of the Knicks vs Bucks. Boston heads back home to play the loser of that game.

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