NBA Play – A New Era of Interactive Basketball on the NBA App

NBA Play - A New Era of Interactive Basketball on the NBA App

Commencing on Christmas Day, users of the NBA App will have the opportunity to engage in daily interactive basketball games at no cost, courtesy of the newly introduced NBA Play hub.

Meet NBA Play, the thrilling new central hub for daily interactive basketball games, ensuring continuous excitement beyond the final buzzer.

Beginning on Christmas Day, enthusiasts can participate in interactive games, compete with friends, and showcase their scores – at no cost, exclusively within the NBA App. Accessible with just a click from the NBA App homepage, NBA Play introduces six engaging games, with fresh versions unveiled daily at 9 a.m. ET. Let’s delve into the details of each game:

NBA Rank

Demonstrate your NBA expertise by ranking five players, teams, or events in the specified order based on the given question. The objective is to arrange them accurately with the fewest attempts possible.

For incorrect guesses, insights will be provided on which part of the submitted answer is correctly positioned.

NBA Full Court Guess

Participants will have five opportunities to identify the NBA player using three clues covering various topics. Clues may encompass a player’s nickname, achievements, career highs, and other relevant details.

The player in question could be a current or former, so brushing up on your NBA history is advisable.

NBA Player Path

Initially, the player is given a roster of teams they’ve participated in throughout their career. The task is to arrange these teams chronologically, beginning from the player’s rookie days and concluding with their current or last team played for if they are retired.

NBA Blast

Engage in this arcade game where enthusiasts can combine basketball objects to create rows of three or more icons. Accumulating four or more items triggers a boost. Swipe the Larry O’Brien trophy boost to eliminate a row of icons and earn additional points. The boost is flexible, moving both horizontally and vertically.

Earn stars by achieving the minimum required score per level to progress to the next stage. Attaining the minimum score grants one star, with more stars awarded for higher scores!

Players can replay levels to enhance their score per level and boost their overall high score.


Race against the clock! With only 2 minutes ticking away, fans face the challenge of completing the leaderboard by answering questions such as “Who led the Top 5 scorers chart in the 2018-2019 season?” Precision and speed form your dynamic duo as participants swiftly type in player names, making quick selections to conquer the list.

The objective is to provide correct answers while completing the task as rapidly as possible.

NBA Hoop Connect

The connectivity challenge! Two players enter the limelight, prompting participants to recognize a common teammate.

Each correct answer is awarded a rarity score on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the highest. A player’s career statistics determine the rarity score, the duration of their collaboration with the two teammates, and how recently the player participated. A higher rarity score is assigned to players with fewer games and lower stats. Share your scores and engage in friendly competition with friends.

Members can earn badges through NBA ID for their initial voting, game participation, and additional activities.

Ensure you’re logged in to monitor your advancement, and all the badges you accrue will be proudly displayed in the Hall of Fandom.

Ready for the challenge? Join the excitement beginning December 25, exclusively on the NBA App.

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