table tennis betting strategies

Table tennis betting strategies are popular, and players frequently make predictions in bookmaker organizations for this sport. There are odds available for a variety of competitions held in various countries.

The quick speed of matches and the dynamism of events contribute to the popularity of the live table tennis strategy. You can make money rapidly, but you can also lose money. Various table tennis methods and betting systems, which we shall discuss shortly, can help you avoid this.

Table tennis head-to-head matchup

The winner of a match is one of the most popular table tennis betting options.

In most head-to-head competitions, betting odds offer as money line odds. To wager on the favorite, bettors must risk more money. By betting on the underdog, bettors might strive to get a better return on their investment.

The more competitive gap between the two players, the higher the money line odds on either side. Avoid betting against significant favorites when playing table tennis. There is a reason why the odds are so high.

Table tennis future bets

Picking the outright winner is the simplest way to bet on a table tennis competition. That may also be the optimal table tennis strategy to put a table tennis wager, depending on the stated odds and depth of the field. Table tennis futures betting odds offer as money lines. In this situation, betting on the favorite carries significant risk. However, betting against such as favorite makes little sense.

Table tennis Over/Under bets

Some sportsbooks may have an OVER/UNDER market on a game total points scored. A bet on the overall number of sets played can be available.

This betting choice falls into the advanced category of table tennis betting options. It was necessary to be aware of each opponent’s advantages and disadvantages.

One betting tip for OVER/UNDER propositions would be the closer the matchup, the higher the scoring.

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Handicap betting strategy in Table tennis

The handicap table tennis strategy is best to apply when there is confidence in the victory of one of the athletes. Furthermore, there should not be a clear advantage, with bookies placing the smallest coefficient on the favorite, but rather a modest superiority of one of the parties’ forces. If a bookmaker gives a 2.5-point handicap for the opening set with odds of 1.7, it makes sense to place a bet on it.

After betting a particular sum on the favorite’s victory in the first set, you’ll need to bet more in the second set if the first set is lost (the size depends on the offered coefficient). Statistics show that even if the entire match is lost, the leader must play at least one game with the handicap.

There are intricacies to this table tennis strategy. A favorite, for example, may face uneasy opponents with whom he is unable to exhibit a high level of skill. As a result, it is crucial to review the statistics of games played with this tennis player, and it is preferable not to bet with a handicap if there is a high percentage of losses. It’s also vital to consider how significant this game is to each athlete; if the player isn’t very concerned with winning, the odds supplied by the bookmaker may not be worth taking.

Different Table Tennis Betting Selections

Even though table tennis is not as popular as football or basketball, bookmakers provide a suitable selection of betting markets, especially during significant events. However, most betting sites will offer the table tennis bets listed below and you can use table tennis strategies to get profit.

Winner Bet

That is a sort of wager that allows you to anticipate the outcome of a game. As previously stated, bookmakers’ lack of understanding of the sport makes betting on table tennis a potentially profitable proposition. You can make decent money with sufficient study and a thorough grasp of value bets and you can check our table tennis betting strategies. Note that if the match is canceled for any reason, all bets become void. In a best-of-five-set match, the winner is the player or team who wins three sets first.

Over/Under Bet

With point bets, you must guess whether a player’s or team’s total number of points will be greater than or less than the set value.

Handicap Bet

In a nutshell, handicap betting entails giving a player or team B an X number of game head start. Bookmakers even out the contest by doing so. When betting on handicaps, it’s vital to remember that the game’s actual outcome is irrelevant — what matters is who wins the most match.

Set Bets

In this wager, the bettor must guess the winner of a specific set. The winner is the man or team who scores 11 points first (with at least a two-point edge).

FAQs Table Tennis Betting Strategies

How do I start to place bets on Table tennis?

Find a good bookmaker or you can download OKBET, go to the “Sports” section, and click on the bet you want to place, just like you would if you were betting on any other sport. While bookmakers don’t cover all table tennis tournaments, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a good table tennis betting offer for major tournaments.

What are the top table tennis betting tips?

Become knowledgeable with the sport, both dealing with competitors and the numerous betting choices available. You can read the article above about table tennis betting strategies.

Where to bet in Table tennis?

Almost every bookmaker’s office accepts table tennis bets. You can wager at an OKBET or from the comfort of your own home on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. For your wager to play more effectively, you should study the list of Table tennis betting strategies. Choose one with the number of betting alternatives for table tennis.


Getting a winning depends on many factors but you can read our table tennis betting strategies. However, the key to success is to avoid giving in to emotions and betting “at random.” The key to winning is to conduct thorough research before the commencement of the game. Identifying a player’s strengths and weaknesses, their behavioral systems, previous results, emotional condition, and many other factors that a betting player must be aware of.

Any interest in table tennis betting should be proportional to one’s interest in the sport itself. The world’s most successful sports bettors are those who genuinely enjoy and follow the games they wager.

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