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Table tennis is a prominent sport in today’s world. It is featured in the Olympics and has a lot of followers around the world. The sport is quite simple and is done between two players. Who is trying to outscore their opponent in an odd number of games. Today, table tennis online betting is widely popular among the sports betting market.

Table Tennis, previously named Ping-Pong, was invented in England in the early twentieth century. In 1922, the former Ping-Pong association revitalized it after being disbanded in 1905, and the name table tennis began. The sport began to expand globally in the 1920s, with games played in some countries. As a result, the International Table Tennis Federation was founded in 1926 by a group led by officials from England, Germany, and Hungary. Sweden, England, Germany, India, Hungary, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Wales, and other countries. In the mid-1990s, the number of members had increased to 165.

Top Sports Betting Sites for Table Tennis in the Philippines

Ping pong’s fast pace makes it fun to bet on, and there are several excellent table tennis online betting applications to pick. However, we have written an essay highlighting which we believe are the best of the group.

Throughout our guide, we want you to look at how the betting sites perform in terms of coverage and promotions related to table tennis. In reality, there are not many dedicated promotion links to table tennis online betting, but all the introductory offers and the majority of existing player offers mentioned in this article may be claimed by betting on the sport.

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Types of Table Tennis Bets

It is not difficult to bet on table tennis, but you must first grasp the sport and its key components. So, if you’re interested in betting on table tennis online, here are some key points to remember: table tennis odds, rules, betting markets, and how to place a table tennis bet. 

Moneyline is one of the usual kinds of bets in table tennis. It can construct the overall match and single set performance. Options on the totals of an individual tennis player in a set are also available at sportsbooks with a large selection of bets. And here are the following standard types of bets offered:

  • Outcome
  • Total number of games
  • Over/ Underscores
  • Different handicap form

Handicap betting can occur on the total number of scored points and set of numbers. However, the strategy for table tennis betting depends on the type of bet.

It’s crucial to know how many sets you will play before betting on a handicap or total for the entire match. Table tennis matches, as previously stated, might consist of five or seven games and result in three or four-game wins, depending on the length of the competition.

Strategies for Betting on Table Tennis

When it comes to gambling, you’ll all be asking what the ideal table tennis online betting technique is. What is the best way to locate the best bet who to back? Well, we’re here to tell you that while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, a combination of techniques should give you the upper hand when it comes to betting.

  • Check the ranking and status of the player
  • Look at the previous head-to-head results
  • Search for value bets
  • Utilize the in-play betting feature

Another practical table tennis online betting tip is to look at how long previous rounds’ matches lasted and whether or not the players usually go the distance. You can take advantage of the over/under wager. Small information like this goes a long way, and you can truly leverage your superior knowledge to take advantage of what the bookies have to offer.

Table Tennis FAQs

What are the table tennis betting odds?

Odds are a pretty subjective thing; Based on an analysis of the match, players, and variables, yes, but the results of that analysis might vary depending on who conducts it. After all, bookies don’t have any more insight into the future than we do, do they? As a result, the odds offered by each betting site may differ, sometimes significantly. One bookie may predict that a tennis match will end in a tie, while another may forecast it would be a slam dunk in favor of one player.

How to predict table tennis results?

No one can precisely predict table tennis results, but there are ways to be educated! The odds themselves offer you a general indication of how likely each player is to win a specific match, and you can always use a different strategy, such as the head-to-head comparison, to get a better picture of the likely outcome.

Is it possible to make money betting on table tennis?

Yes, of course! However, how much money you desire to make is a factor. If your goal is to become wealthy from it, you won’t be able to do that anytime soon. But if you regard table tennis online betting as a hobby and a way to supplement your income, you may surely make money with correctly placed sure bets!

What is the table tennis organization in the Philippines?

Philippine Table Tennis Federation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes table tennis in the country.

The Philippine Table Tennis Federation, Inc. (PTTFI) is the country’s national table tennis governing body. The Philippine Olympic Committee, the Southeast Asian Table Tennis Association, the Asia Table Tennis Union, and the International Table Tennis Federation have their approval.

How did table tennis get its name in the Philippines?

Table tennis remained a popular source of inexpensive amusement in the Philippines after the American troops withdrew. Because these early rackets were created with sandpaper surfaces by the Parker Brothers firm in the United States, they were dubbed “liha” in Tagalog. US Military Troops, approximately 1899 –> Thomasites, circa 1901


When it comes to wagering, table tennis online betting isn’t the first sport that comes to mind. The niche game, on the other hand, has recently gained popularity. Much of the attention stemmed from those days when sports halted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Both of these sportsbooks are well-known for their expertise and experience. Have a number of betting lines, high-quality mobile apps, and work in several states.

OKBET can offer more markets and bets than any of its competitors, giving each app tremendous depth. We’d gladly recommend one of these as our top table tennis betting apps. They’ll be wonderful venues to put your table tennis online betting skills to the test that you learned today!

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